Miami Beach

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This last Monday, my family and I flew down to Miami Beach in Florida. For 4 days and 3 nights, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the area as much as possible. I mostly spent my days roaming the beach that was right behind our hotel. The feeling of the bright sun gleaming on your skin and the rush of sea water beneath you is indescribable. On the second day, we went on a bus and boat tour all around Miami. We visited places Little Havana, the Art Deco District, and many celebrity houses which were completely beautiful. The architecture around the whole city is very reminiscent of the 1920s/1930s and is a great representation of Cuban culture. My only regret is not taking any quality pictures of the salmon and pastel colored buildings near Collins Avenue
and not trying any authentic Cuban coffee L

 photo miami2_zpsbmpin6an.jpg

My favorite part of the whole trip was visiting the Wynwood Arts District. This neighborhood is filled with tons of murals by many talented artists such as Miss Van, Maya Hayuk and Ryan McGinness. This is a great place to get inspiration (and take selfies). Also, there are so many great places to grab something to eat that are new and modern. One restaurant I found was called Jugofresh. They specialize in cold-pressed juices and organic meal selections that I wish I could've taken with me back home.  

 photo wynwood_zpsm8dydkfm.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed my trip and I can't wait to go back to Miami again soon :)
 photo image1 4_zpsmwahf5et.jpg
Trying to stay cool on the boardwalk

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  1. Love Miami. I too wish I could have check out some other places before I left but hopefully that's something I can whenever I do venture back to the city.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos, I seriously hope I can visit soon!

    // xx

  3. miami is awesome, love your photos!

  4. Thanks Georgia. I hope you can enjoy the city as much as I did!

  5. I hope you enjoy your trip back to Miami! TripAdvisor and Instagram gave me great ides on places to visit.