My Blogiversary

3:06 PM

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This past Monday on the 11th was the 3rd year anniversary of my first blog post on this account. Since my first post, my blog has grown so much. I never would have thought "Carmen Henry Photography",my original blog name, would eventually turn into "Vintage Revivals". After I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted and needed a new outlet for my thoughts and creative ideas. Blogger turned out to be the perfect platform.
In the beginning, I didn't think anyone would pay much attention to it. It was just something I did to avoid the stress of my first year in college. As time went on, I got my first iPhone and discovered the world of Instagram. There I discovered Tavi Gevinson and many other fascinating fashion and beauty bloggers. After that, I decided to take my blog more seriously.
The past three past years of blogging have been filled with many ups and downs. If anyone is interested in starting a blog, please understand it isn't all peaches and cream. If you are just in it for the popularity, pointless photo shoots, and free products then your blog will never last. I have seen many other blogs fade out because they lacked passion and consistency. Blogging isn't for everyone so don't be pressured to start a blog if you don't have the time or a love for creating and sharing original content. Running a blog is almost a full-time job that you actually enjoy.
I'm looking forward to see where "Vintage Revivals" takes me in the future. I hope my blog community continues to grow. Also, I really can't wait to try new and exciting things this summer and share them with you all.

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Some of my favorite looks from the past :)

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  1. Congrats on the blogiversary and too many more. That's how I felt with my old blog, I was in need of a new outlet and new space so I'm happy to be relaunching soon!

  2. Thanks so much Valla. I can't wait to see your blog relaunch :)