How I Learned To Live A Healthier Life

3:35 PM

Over the past 4 months, I have been conditioning myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Changing my diet, my exercise routine and the way I think has overall improved my mind and body. Below are some easy tips to how you can be your best self.

Getting Physical
I try to make an effort to go the gym at least once a week. My purpose of going to gym is raise my stamina and increase my muscle mass. In the short time that I have been exercising on a regular basis, I have seen slight differences in my strength level and body structure. It was easier for me to start with sessions on a stationary bike or elliptical and work my way up to more advanced exercises.
Eating Fresh Ingredients
Cooking with more fresh and natural ingredients really has made a difference. Making my own acai bowls, smoothies, sandwiches, and baked goods from scratch has drastically improved my health. Eating fresh foods such as avocado, spinach, bread and strawberries are good alternatives to processed food with preservatives. I try my best to make sure that I don't eat fast food as often as I used to. Making the effort to ingest more of the essential vitamins and minerals has left my immune and digestive system forever grateful.
Blocking Out Negativity
My friends, family , and I know that I am a true introvert. I love spending time with my own thoughts and relaxing in my space. So much of my time is filled with many outside influences so I cherish the time I have to reflect and make decisions completely on my own. Yoga is the perfect time to do that and stimulate positive thinking.

Let me know what is included in your everyday health routine :)

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  1. This is such a great and motivating post, thank you for this. xx

  2. Lovely post, great tips on how to maintain a healthy life :)

  3. You're so welcome. More posts like this will be coming soon :)

  4. these are great tips and I definitely need to pay more attention to #3 , negativity can really ruin you and your motivation.

  5. Thanks Valla :) Negativity can definitely ruin your life. I try my best to be positive and surround myself around positive people.

  6. I have done my best to cut out negativity... starting with people! We just don't have time for toxic people. Surrounding yourself with only people you love (when you choose to do so) is a great way to be healthier IMO. Good tips! Now that it's warm I want to start eating green smoothies again. Mmmm.

  7. Toxic people are the worst and green smoothies are amazing :)