Jessie J goes WILD

10:11 PM

When Jessie J shaved off all of her hair a few months ago, I was completely shocked. Her sleek,bobbed hair was her one of her trademarks and was what myself and many others loved most about her. Now that it's gone she has taken on a whole new image that is somewhat edgier. Even  though I miss the infamous locks,I'm slowing starting to love her short,blonde hair that she has now.

Last week, the first music video featuring Jessie J with her newly shaved head was finally released. In the video, Jessie J kept her look very minimal for most of the video with statement earrings and a barely there two piece bodysuit. In small increments of the video, she did go “WILD” when her entire body was plastered with leopard print. I think Jessie J is back with the strong,unique style and sound we all know and love and I hope to see more of her on stage and on the red carpet.

Big Sean keeping up with Jessie J by wearing a big fur coat, snapback and plenty of gold chains.

*Photos found on Tumblr

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  1. very nice blog :)))
    follow me I will follow you back !!

  2. I was kinda surprised at first though I still love her style :) she's so unique

  3. loving the new Jessie! Different, but different's always good.
    - B at

  4. From the way you talk about her I feel like I should know who she is, but I only just googled her now for the first time. I'm not crazy about the music but I admire her for shaving her head! It can be tough!

    1. I think she shaved her head for charity and it's totally understandable if you've never heard of her since she's mainly popular in the UK.

  5. Beautiful however she wears it!

  6. lovely blog :)