The WhitePepper

3:49 PM

Recently, I really have been drawn to The WhitePepper. The WhitePepper is an online store based in East London. I first discovered the brand from looking at pictures that Ellie Fox posted on her blog. Their clothes are very classic and they have a great mix of modern and vintage pieces.  Also,all of their clothes are moderately  priced so each individual piece will average out to be around 80 US dollars. After looking through multiple look books, it is clear that they love fluidity because each piece of clothing complemented the next. As a photographer and graphic designer, I definitely appreciated the craftsmanship of the designs and props use to complement the clothes. In closing, The WhitePepper is one of the few retailers that truly embody my personal style and inspire me to try new styles.

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  1. I must be a noob cuz I've never heard of The WhitePepper, but wow, I love their stuff. Looks cute yet comfortable!

    -Adele :3

    1. They just had their one-year anniversary so hardly anyone really knows about them yet.

  2. ahhh this is such a great brand. So laid back :)