WWBW:What Would Blossom Wear

1:46 PM

For the past two weeks, I have been completely obsessed with the show Blossom(1991-1995). I have always admired the idea of a show with a sassy female lead with a strong sense of style but I never got a chance to watching it because of the lack of re-runs on television. Luckily, I found the entire series on YouTube. So far I'm only halfway through season two. Let me just say, this show completely defied my expectations. I was surprised that alcoholism,sex, and divorce was discussed in such great detail; definitely not another Full House. The main character Blossom is definitely someone I admire. This is why I decided to put together a outfit that was Blossom inspired.

Blouse Vintage
Crop Top A'GACI
Jeans American Apparel

My favorite Blossom outfits from seasons one and two 

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  1. Your outfit is super cute. I've never heard of this show, but now I'm intrigued. Especially since Joey Lawrence was in it ;)

    1. Thanks :)Joey Lawrence's character was definitely well dressed as well