No Tomorrow

2:03 AM

While I was shooting these photos, I had no idea that I was standing in the middle of the Cancer Survivors' Garden in my city. The beautiful garden is definitely one of Chicago's hidden gems and is located at 445 East Randolph Street. Several people in my family have been diagnosed with cancer in the past few years so being at a place like this at random was comforting yet eerie for me. The huge packs of birds flying back and forth while we were staking these pictures stirred those eerie feelings even further. Anyway, this location was more than perfect for an outfit like this with limited color.

If you can't already tell from my past outfit posts, my personal style over the last 6 months has definitely been simplified. A breezy t-shirt,blouse and comfy jeans are my go-to pieces along with practical footwear lately. Claire Marshall,one of my favorite YouTubers, has definitely played a big part in that change. In my opinion,she's one of the few people who can t-shirts and jeans look sophisticated. I admire people like Claire who can make every outfit they're own and that's what I plan on doing from now on.

Photos by Alexandra Castro

Necklace H&M
Watch Urban Outfitters
Waverly Blouse Aritzia
Jeans Zara
Sandals Topshop

*Check out Aritzia's #FallForUs gallery and you might see a familiar face ;)

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  1. you're very pretty :) love the photos!

  2. undergroundladies.comSeptember 2, 2014 at 8:56 AM

    Really cool photos ! I really reaaaally like your shoes :)

  3. amazing outfit :)


  4. Great photos! Love the background and the sandals are really cool :)