Winterize Your Nails With Julep

12:23 AM

I recently received a great nail tutorial from Julep™ . They provided me with great tips to "winterize" my nails that I now implement in my own routine. In the colder months, my nails get very dry and break very easily. After trying a couple of Julep's products, I can honestly say that I see a small difference in my nails. My nails are definitely more healthier than they were before. Look down below to see how you can strengthen your nails and make them look twice as good. 

Clip & Shape
Clipping your nails to a short length and smooth edges. Shorter nails are easier to keep clean and healthy for the winter. 

Cuticles: Be Gone!
Soak your nail beds with a few drops of the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover for at least 30 seconds. Use a cuticle pusher or orange wood stick to gently push your cuticles back.

Clean Up Time
Buff and nip hang nails and dead cuticles. Then, wash your hands and nails thoroughly with soap.

Extra Oomph
Polish your nails with two coats of the Oxygen Nail Treatment to keep them strong and healthy. 

Moisturize Often
Use Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum twice a day to keep your tips hydrated and happy through dry winter months. To add moisture to your hands you can use Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Lotion. I use it every single day and I absolutely love it.

Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover and Oxygen Nail Treatment

In addition to these tips that Julep provided me with, I highly suggest implementing more Biotin in your diet. Digesting biotin daily helps support nail and hair growth and has worked wonders for me. Also, feel free to check out Julep's vast range of beautiful nail polishes here.

P.S. I am starting my spring semester soon which means I won't be able to upload as often. I hope you all understand and if you have any quick post suggestions let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. much needed advice, my nails are in horrible shape.
    thank you

  2. Great article!!


  3. I randomly found your blog, I'm glad I did. I love it xox