Artist Spotlight: Marceau Willis

5:12 PM

This is the first installment of my Artist Spotlight series. The purpose behind this post and future posts is to showcase more local and international artists who are passionate about their work and represent something much bigger than themselves. Today, I am featuring Marceau Willis. Above and below are pictures from her newest photo series. In italicized font, I have placed Marceau's words. Read below to learn more about her and her photography. 

Model: Maryam Hampton
MUA + Jewelry Stylist: Paulina Noble

"I'm a 26 year old female aspiring photographer shooting in Northwest Indiana and Chicago area. I've always been mesmerized by photography since I was a child.  I used to take pictures of my friends and family all the time. I guess I enjoyed being able to look back and relive the moments forever.  I studied Media Communications at Purdue University Calumet which was the closest major that was relevant to photography since my school didn't offer a specific program in that field. 
I'm currently developing a project titled, "The Red Lip Series" which will represent a diverse group of women in different shades and textures of red lipstick.  RED is a powerful color and to me it represents independence and a sense of boldness. I feel that each woman has a story and is unique in her own way, so being able to express this through lipstick is a fun way to show diversity.  Also, working and interacting with these women was definitely a positive experience.  I was able to see their individual talents come full force, and it's nice when people support you and want to participate in something you're creating".

Marceau Willis
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