Down The Streets That I Love

2:34 PM

I know that I'm 19 days late but I still would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year :)
2013 was the year that I lost my innocence and gained a sense of maturity. I have learned who I can and cannot trust along with learning who can and cannot depend on. 2013 was the year of letting go. Letting go of the familiar was and still is an on-going struggle for me. Letting go of friendships and relationships with the opposite sex was definitely hard but were actions that I needed to make in order to progress. Doing this made it so much easier to focus on myself and my well-being.

This year, I plan to really improve myself and my craft. Progress will definitely be happening and it will be documented on this blog. This blog will feature more information about myself and what I do on a regular basis. I refuse to limit myself by just blogging about fashion. Starting now, this blog have more organic and substantial material that will cover fashion,literature, and music. I will try to write more reviews and post more about the projects that I'm working on.

To visually showcase my personal transition from 2013 to 2014, I decided to draw inspiration from Lady Gaga's Marry The Night music video. I was instantly drawn to the leather and black along with the bedazzled glasses and jean bralette. I really wanted this outfit to reflect the mood of the song and the video.

Jacket Forever 21
Necklace H&M

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