Current Obsession: Alejandra Hernandez

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Recently, I have been obsessed with Alejandra Hernandez. The celebrity stylist resides in Los Angeles and her clients include Eve, Mayer Hawthorne, and my favorite female rapper Iggy Azalea. Iggy Azalea also has been one of my favorite style icons and Alejandra is one of the reasons why. Alejandra spoke to Miss KL about styling Iggy. "Dressing Iggy is so much fun because she truly is a visual artist so her and I draw inspiration from anything as random as old Elizabeth Taylor photos to photos from 90's Versace dinners." In addition to having a great business relationship, Iggy and Alejandra have a great friendship.

Other than styling, Alejandra co-owns a boutique called Virgo with her best friend Rana Shoar that is located in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Their initial intent was to start a line of accesories but was later expanded into a much bigger retail experience. Virgo offers a great mix of vintage clothes, one-of-akind pieces, along with apparel and accessories by a small group of emerging designers. Virgo places a strong emphasis on fun. On their website , they say that "it is okay to mix and match prints or motifs, valorize both masculinity and femininity dress up or dress fun, wear a structured blouse with over-sized pants, or an ornate piece with a sportswear silhouette" If you are ever in the area, I suggest checking the store out. In the mean time, you can still shop at Virgo online at

Alejandra Hernandez and Rana Shoar,co-owners of Virgo 
Their boutique in Los Angeles,CA
Iggy Azalea in Virgo
*The photos and video are from various sources

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  1. Hey Carmen! Love your blog! I just followed you on bloglovin, tumblr & fanned you on lookbook. keep it up!

    -Ashleigh from

    1. Thank you so much Ashleigh. I really appreciate it :)