If I Could Turn Back Time: A Small Dedication to Cher

2:55 PM

 Three weeks ago, I finally watched the movie Mermaids(1990) for the first time. My mother had the VHS tape of the movie for years and I was always curious about what it was all about. I was completely devastated that it wasn't about actual mermaids. I quickly got over my disappointment when Cher's glorious cheek bones came on the screen. The movie was about a single mother (Cher) raising her two daughters (Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci) in a small Massachusetts town in 1963. I liked Cher before but after watching Mermaids I started to love her. Throughout the movie, I really saw her strong elegance and sense of humor. Right now, I am completely obsessed with Cher's music and style from the 1970s and 1980s. Cher's bohemian look in the 70s really inspires me and can be seen down below.Since the 1960s she has released music and movies in every single decade and is still one of the greatest icons in music. It's still hard to believe that Cher is 66 years old because she always kept her fabulous look and voice.

Cher in the 1970s

Cher in Burlesque(2010)
*Photos found on various sources

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