Why is Tavi Gevinson so amazing??

5:43 PM

Recently, I became interested into rookiemag.com. I've known about this website for almost a year now but I really didn't start paying attention to it until now. All of the articles on this website are amazing because they are relatable to the average girl. Tavi Gevinson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine. 

At first, I didn't understand why Tavi was a such big deal. I would see pictures of her on Tumblr and Instagram all the time and I would always wonder why she was so famous. A few weeks ago, I learned she started Rookie Magazine at only 14 years old. I was so completely shocked. I couldn't believe a 14 year old started this amazing on-line magazine. Tavi is now 16 years old and has accomplished way more than people who are twice her age. She has amazing style and she is wise far beyond her years. Also, the fact that she's from the Chicago area makes me adore her even more. Recently I found videos of her interviews and lectures on YouTube and was completely inspired. I posted two of them below. She definitely gives a voice for all teenage girls. Even though she is 2 years old younger than me, I really look up to her.

*Photo found on Google

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